Frequently asked questions

Do you give free measure and quotes?
Answer :  Yes, our representatives will call and arrange a meeting to provide a quotation.

Why is a phone or internet price not your best price?
Answer  :  When giving a quotation without the benefit of seeing the job, we must allow for all contingencies, whereas if we see the site conditions we  are able to evaluate correctly and offer a more competitive price.

Are the products you provide locally made?
Answer :  Our products are all manufactured at our Molindinar factory with local labour from materials provided by Australian companies

How long does it take to install?
Answer :  Each product is different, standard product can be installed within a week whilst other products can take 2 weeks excepting Frameless screens usually take 3 weeks.

Will they leak?
Answer :  Shower screens are not a water barrier, the modern shower screens has gaps between the glass sections where water can escape under certain circumstances.

Why are the products custom made?
Answer :  When a bathroom is built it is not usual that an opening for a screen, mirror or wardrobe to be of a standard size or to be square, by custom manufacturing we can provide the ultimate finish to suit almost any opening.

Can we design our own wardrobe shelving layout?
Answer :  Yes, our representatives will custom design to suit your specific requirements.

What is there any warranty on glass?
Answer :  There is no warranty on glass breakage or mirror defects, if the defect is the result of our manufacturing or installation, our standard 12 months warranty applies.

How I clean shower screens and mirrors?    
Answer :  The best way is to wipe it down after each use, glass is porous, water and soap build up can occur if not regularly removed. A regular wipe with Mentholated Spirits will help.    Do not use harsh chemicals as this may affect the finish.

Why use Supreme Shower Screens?
Answer :  We are specialists in what we do. The company has been owned and operated for 20 years under the same family company and our staff is  all long serving members dedicated to customer service and excellence in the products that they produce.